About MGS

Motion Graphic Stock was created by a graphic designer and creative developer with a vision. Starting out by offering computer animated video collections to internet marketers and video editors resulting in great feedback and started the website marketingmotiongraphics.com. These collections took time to create and were very large in size. Users needed to download the whole collection at a time. A new solution was needed. MotionGraphicStock.com was born out of hard work and help from a friend.

MotionGraphicStock.com is an affordable way for the professional or amateur video editor or marketer to use any video editing software of their choice and not be limited to it's capabilities.  Most individuals are using basic slide show software for it's simplicity and versatility, but these types of softwares can be limited to the use of animations and effects.  

This was seen as a new opportunity to help others. With the Motion Graphic Stock collections anyone can simply import these pre-rendered video clips and animations into their video or slide show software and start making creative new videos without having to spend the time creating the rendered animations and effects, learning any new graphics softwares or outsourcing the work at a cost.  This allows anyone of any skill level to start creating original videos with the simplicity of drag and drop editing.

Simply download, import and create!

The Motion Graphic Stock website offers a wide range of tools for designers and marketers in ANY Niche.  More and more video animations and collections will be added on a regular basis adding to the possibilities for designers.  The goal is to create a marketplace for video developers to locate tools and resources to help them, their clients and their business succeed. 

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