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This is the Motion Graphic Stock Knowledge Base

Here you can find answer immediately to your questions without waiting for a response. Please refer to the content below for the most common frequently asked questions and trouble shooting guide.

Q - What can I do with these files?
A - You can import them into any video editing software and add your own content over top. Or simply incorporate the footage into your existing videos or templates where ever you need it.
Q - What does Pre-Keyed Mean?
A - Pre-Keyed means the footage has been rendered with both Alpha & RGB Channels, so the effects have no background colour our image. Similar to a "Green Screen" effect. This allows for certain software to layer only the effects on top of each other or on top of other video footage or graphics.
Q - What files are Pre-keyed?
A - Only the .MOV and SWF files contain the alpha channel. They will work on both PC and MAC. They are described as "pre-keyed" or "with alpha channel" in the product description.
Q - What are the codecs these files are rendered as?
A - The MOV codecs are either: JPEG 2000, PNG, Timecode or AE Animation Codec. These can be imported into any video editing software that accepts MOV format. The MP4's are rendered out using H.264 codec. SWF files are Action Script 3 and also contain the alpha channel.
Q - What are PNG files?
A - PNG (portable network graphic) files are a bitmapped image format that employs lossless data compression. The files are saved included the 'alpha' transparent data within a file. This means that the graphics or images saved have no background. They are meant for further editing within editing software and can be placed on top of other images with the footage under it still showing.
Q - The video clips are not playing smoothly I view them.
A - The pre-keyed video clips are uncompressed or losslessly compressed and not really meant for playback in a media player. Although they to playback fine in most cases they are meant for further editing within a video editing program. CLICK HERE for more on this subject
Q - How do you check each files codec/format after download to see if they are pre-keyed?
A - On WIN: Right click and "Check Properties" On MAC: Right click and "Get Info"
Q - Can ALL this footage be used on PC and Mac Operating Systems?
A - Yes, they will all work on both operating systems. Quicktime Player is required to import and use the MOVs.
Q - How do I edit the footage to add my own text, videos or images?
A - Simply import your desired footage or images into your movie editing software. Then import any Marketing Motion Graphics Video Clips or elements into your timeline and create your text area over the footage at the precise timing to go along with your selected footage. Remember that timing of the video clips is important for the best outcome.
Q - How can I make the video clips longer?
A - This can depend on the editing software you are using. Most offer clip "stretching" "extending" or "freeze frame". This will allow the clip to run as long as needed. Simply cut and freeze the frame once the animation has stopped, then extend it to the desired length.
Q - How can I loop the files or make longer backgrounds or scenes?
A - You can simply duplicate the files in your video editing software's timeline and place them back to back to create a loop. You may need to adjust the transparency of the clips at the beginning and end to blend them together if they arene't perfect loops. You may also need to duplicate several times to get the length you need. I always suggest you create the background in a separate project then you can just import the final loop into your main project. *Not all files work as perfect loops.
Q - Can I edit the colours of the visuals?
A - Yes, You can change the Hue and Saturation, Curves, or add other effects within your editing software.
Q - How do I achieve multiple layering with iMovie, Movie Maker or single track editing programs
A - First you will make your video with your text and footage, render, then re-import and add a layer, render, re-import, render, rinse and repeat to get a great effect.
Q - What resolution are the files?
A - All files are either 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720 HD OR the Keyed out clips with alpha channel may be cropped to a specific animation or icon. 800px x 500px and so on. Still high quality for HD video editing.
Q - Can I re-sell my work on other websites ( Video Hive, Fiverr, etc… )
A - You can use these files in your own works/compositions to sell to clients for commercial use. You CAN NOT RE-SELL or GIVE AWAY the footage or video clips by themselves or as is on stock websites or within templates you have created for re-sale. See the Royalty Free Licence Agreement for more information