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    There should always be something for everyone. Our goal is to constantly update the library with new content on a monthly basis. Each video you produce should be different and contain your own style, Motion Graphic Stocks' library allows you to get creative and combine clips and animations to come up with creative ways to implement them into your workflow.

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Why Motion Graphics?

These days video marketing and video sharing is more popular and more demanding then ever. Creating custom videos that express your message exactly as you see fit can be both time consuming and costly. Most video editors are limited to what they can do and most editors may not have the time to create extra effects or animations or the $$$ to out source it to a designer.

By creating video clips and animations primarily for HD web videos targeting promotional videos, small business sales videos, affiliate marketing videos, business slide shows, and personal YouTube Videos. was designed with both the 'amateur' and 'experienced" video editor in mind.

What is Pre-Keyed?

The term 'Pre-Keyed' also referred to as 'Chroma Keyed' is the technique that has been used heavily in many creative fields to remove the subject from a video using certain software techniques. This means to separate the subject, image, or animation from the background of a video. Think of it as 'green screening' out the object or subject.

When a piece of footage or animation is pre-keyed it means that it is saved(rendered) out with the 'alpha transparency' information included in the file. This will make the file size larger but allows the object, animation, or subject to be imported and placed over any background or other footage without containing and background colour information.

How can I use these?

Video software is constantly upgrading and changing with new features, options and possibilities to accommodate pre-keyed and pre-rendered motion graphics, effects and graphic animations. Most user friendly video editing software allows multiple layer tracks and the use of pre-keyed/chroma-keyed footage, giving the user more and more options when it comes to building fun and interactive videos.

You simply import them into your video editor just like you would an image or other piece of footage. Drag & drop, resize, combine, change the blend modes and colours. Motion Graphic Stock has a wide variety of quality video clips and graphics for users to create their own custom videos and slide shows. All clips and graphics are Royalty Free for commercial or personal use. View the Royalty Free license here to learn more.