Improving Your Screencast Videos

3 Ways To Take Your Screencast From Good to Great.

Screen-casting has become super popular in recent years. At first, Youtubers used it to share software tutorials with each other. Since then, it boomed in popularity. Now, even businesses use it to sell their products.

As with anything, the more people start doing it - the harder it is to stand out. Here are three simple ways to make your videos more unique and professional-looking.


1) Script It Out

It might sound obvious, but the average screen-caster ignores this step. As a result, the average screen-caster also has their channel littered with comments like:

“You could have said that in 30 seconds. That’s 9 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.”

When you aren’t dead clear on what you’ll talk about, you stumble. When you stumble, you use filler lines. When you use filler lines - people notice and get irritated.

Don’t let that be you. Take the time to write down what you are trying to achieve. Then write out what you are going to say. A word-for-word script is not necessary, but having a comprehensive list of talking points in front of you will keep the ‘uhs’ and ‘aahs’ at bay. It doesn’t have to be short, but it does have to be to the point. Use the script to trim the fat and say what you want to say.

2) Speak With Confidence

Again, another piece of ‘common-sense’ advice... Almost as common as this type of comment:

“You could have been talking about a cancer cure and nobody would care. You have the most boring voice ever.”

Make no mistake. Your audience WILL switch off if you can’t speak with confidence. We’ve already covered writing a script - that alone will give you more certainty. But there are more methods you can use to sound better.

For starters, don’t be afraid to warm up your voice. Move your mouth and twist your tongue. Make sliding noises from low pitch to high pitch. This will engage your low and high register so you can use different tones easier.

Once that’s done. Don’t be afraid to re-record what you’re saying. If it’s your first time, you will feel like you’re sound overly enthused. You probably don’t. Do a few takes, don’t rush it. And only use takes you are happy with. Musicians often spend an entire day recording a single 30 second verse. If you’re willing to put in pro-level effort - then you will get pro-level results.

3) Use Visuals to Explain Complex Ideas

There’s a temptation with screen-casts to let your talking… do all the talking. That’s fine if it’s something simple. But if you have a difficult concept to explain - one image or animation can save you a thousand unnecessary words. And considering the attention span of the average internet user - the shorter, the better.

Mixing up animations with screen-footage also makes the video more visually appealing. After all, ‘variety is the spice of life’.

“But where can I get screen cast animations?”

Well, you can use stock animations in the video editor you’re using. Granted, the options are a little samey and limited - but they will suffice for elementary stuff.

That said, if you want to stand out, consider getting your hands on an animation library. At Motion Graphic Stock we actually offer a library full of animations you can use to make videos like the pros. Since the animations are all pre-made, it’s as simple as dragging and dropping what you like into the video editor. The library is constantly expanding - which means that you always have access to fresh animations that look more original than your competition.

So there you go. 3 very simple tips to spice up your screencast. Enjoy your new-found knowledge and go create awesome videos for the world to see!


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